Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DOUGH BOYS – New City N.Y. – (1982 to 1983)

Punk Rock is not about longevity, and it is most certainly not about innovation….it’s about get in, get out, make an explosion, live in that explosive moment until it dies down….. then fucking move on! Punk / Hardcore bands are short-lived for a reason…they live for the moment….they live for as long as it takes them to say what they have to say…no more, no less! It’s perfect in it’s simplicity!

The Dough Boys from New City, NY are the perfect example of this! Very little information is available about them other than what I can currently tell you. They were one of the early, and original Hardcore bands in Rockland (along with Borscht, Chappaquiddick + 5, and Geek Attack). I only had the opportunity to see the band once at Clarkstown South High School in 1982 or 83 opening for The Undead. I was 15 at the time…and they were awesome and they were LOCAL! I remember talking to singer Neil Schwartzfarb a few months after that show at a 7-Eleven in my hometown (we chatted over shared hardcore t shirts) and after mentioning that I was at the show, and that I really liked his band…he kinda shrugged and said thanks and then said I should come hang out at the Half Pipe they were skating that day. I never went, but… this was suburban punk / hardcore in a nutshell…once it’s done, it’s over, don’t dwell….move on! I know from their flyers they played many more shows than the one I am reminiscing on, but like most bands of their day…they were memorable for moments, not days, not months, not years, and though their legacy may not be common knowledge outside of a few of us from Rockland who continue to remember, their impact IS……at least with this guy anyway! The Dough Boys are at the forefront of a genesis that was honest, powerful…which burned bright, and burned out…exactly the way it should have! Please enjoy these lost gems from the Dough Boys, and thanks for all the moments!

Chris Skelly
January 23, 2012


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